Knowing where to start depends on your goals and how much you have to invest in your health. 

Isagenix has a wide range of packs and programs* to choose from, including the Isagenix weight loss system, energy and performance system and healthy ageing system so there's something for everyone! 

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight management, energy and performance related, or you simply want better health, there will be a pack or tailored program to suit you. When we help you get started on Isagenix, together we can work out the best option for you and provide full support throughout the process.

You can choose from the Isagenix weight loss system, energy and performance system, healthy ageing system or a tailored program to suit your goals!

Everyone is different so that's why it is so important to discuss your goals beforehand.

*Packs and prices vary between countries.



You can benefit from wholesale pricing on Isagenix products by purchasing online as an Isagenix Associate. On average you’ll save around 30% compared to our retail pricing.

There are extra savings to be had when you select the option to Sign Up & Save and get started as an Associate with Autoship when placing your first order. The Autoship Rewards program is an easy and super convenient way to order your Isagenix products each month.

PLEASE NOTE: Autoship Rewards orders can be changed, updated or cancelled at any time.

Using the Isagenix weight loss system for 30 days will definitely help you achieve great results but maintaining those results is key. This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. When you reach your goal, a maintenance program can be tailored to suit your needs and make sure your epic results are here to stay!



If for some reason you don’t LOVE the products (which doesn’t happen very often!), you can return them within the first 30 days and receive a full refund, minus membership and postage fees.

You can even send everything back completely empty and you'll still get a refund. Pretty cool hey?!

View the Isagenix Return and Refund Policy



...no B.S - just stuff that works!


If you want results, the President's Pack is where it's at. 

This is our best value pack to get people started on and provides a full body reset with superfood IsaLean shakes, high quality supplements and delicious snack options. From experience with coaching hundreds of people on the Isagenix weight loss system, we see the most consistent results in the first 30 days with this pack.

The President's Pack also includes an IsaBlender and a one year membership with Isagenix so you can order products whenever you choose.

Check out this video where Vic shares why we love to help people get started on this pack and what's included.


Ready to take your performance to the next level? Look no further. 

Whether you're a gym junkie or professional athlete, this is the pack to go for if you're looking for gains and PB's. This pack has a 30 day supply of nutrition and supplements, plus the addition of Replenish, IsaLean Pro shakes which have 36g of  whey protein and e+ shots. 

The Energy + Performance President's Pack includes an IsaBlender and a one year membership with Isagenix so you can order products whenever you choose.



This month's choices are next month's body! 

The 30 Day Starter Pack is an awesome value introductory pak includes the 30-day Program (Isagenix weight loss system) as well as an IsaBlender to help you make the perfect shake and extra snack options. This pack is perfect for people wanting a bit of a kick start with a flexible and easy to follow program.
The 30 day Starter Pack also includes a one-year membership with Isagenix so you can order products whenever you choose.


Do it for the 'after' photo!

The AMPED PRO Pak offers a complete solution for both active individuals and athletes. This pack contains a mix of nutrients, natural caffeine, high-quality protein and amino acids to support building lean muscle mass and improve recovery times, while helping you achieve a leaner physique and experience optimal performance. 

Isagenix membership and IsaBlender not included. Both can be purchased as an add on.



Between us, we've been using these products for 13 years!

Why? Because they work and they are super tasty and nutritious!

This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, which is why we choose to use the whole range of products that Isagenix offers. Here are a few of our fave products that we love to add on to our Isagenix weight loss system, energy and performance system and healthy ageing system.

Protein-packed and seriously yum!

IsaLean bars are perfect for when you’re on-the-go and need something quick and healthy. They come in four great flavours and are a super convenient meal replacement option for those hectic days – and did we mention they taste great?!

Quick energy boost that lasts for hours!

If you're looking for a healthy energy boost that'll take your performance to the next level, then you need e+ shots in your life! These bad boys contain caffeine derived from green tea, yerba maté and a scientifically proven blend of adaptogenic botanicals that increase energy, stamina and mental focus. 

Nitrates to help give you stamina during training.

AMPED NOx is a nitrate rich veggie based pre-work that helps prime muscles for maximum performance during high-intensity exercise. 

Amplify strength and power

AMPED Power is a creatine pre-workout supplement designed prepare your body before a workout to help improve performance in the gym. Get ready to smash some PBs!

Maximise recovery

AMPED Recover is post-workout drink that aids muscle recovery and rebuilding. Recover contains energy-boosting L-carnitine to support muscle tissue and reduce fatigue, plus branched-chain amino acids.


Natural electrolyte sports drink

Replenish is essential for when you want to power you through a workout. With natural electrolytes, this sports drink mix optimises hydration to help sustain performance and support faster recovery after exercise. Available in Juicy Orange and Lemon Lime flavours.


Supercharge your nutrition

Greens contains 33 superfoods including spirulina and chlorella. This convenient drink comes in powder form to preserve phytonutrients. Use Greens to boost your daily vegetable intake and support your immune system. Tastes great too!


Guilt free chocolate

IsaDelight chocolates are the perfect, guilt-free treat for both Cleanse Days and Shake Days. Available in three delectable flavours (Dark, Milk and Sea Salt with Caramel), IsaDelight chocolates contain essential antioxidants, amino acids and B vitamins. Have them handy to help to satisfy hunger without sabotaging your weight management goals.