How I gave up dieting for good

How I gave up dieting for good!

How I gave up dieting for good!


Have you ever been on a diet? I have. Too many to count. Looking back now it’s hard to believe so I just had to share how I gave up dieting for good. But first, let’s talk about what life used to be like for me and see if you can relate.

You name it, I’ve done it. I’ve done Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, the Lemon Detox, the Cabbage Soup diet (really gross), Atkins, The South Beach Diet, and waaaaaay too many celebrity meal plans in trashy magazine to mention…literally every kind of weight loss ‘thing’ I’ve tried it. Years and years of dieting under my belt and you think I would have found the answer earlier. But it took me until I was 29 to find it!


Dieting started young for me

In fact, ever since I was about 14 I’ve been doing something to lose weight. My mum has been overweight for as long as I can remember so I guess I picked up the dieting gene from a young age.

For the longest time, I believed that my life would always involve being on some kind of diet. I’d never been one of those people who could eat anything and not put on weight. I loved food and in my adult life I loved a drink too. A bad combo for someone who’s yo-yo’d with her weight forever!


Resigned to the fact that dieting was just a part of my life, I was ‘ok’ with where I was at seven years ago when I moved to Australia.

At the time I had just given up smoking (yep, I had been a smoker for 10 years!) and was worried I was going to put more weight on as a result. But I was ok with that as long as I could kick the cigarettes. Then something incredible happened. I actually started giving a shit about my health.

For probably the first time in my life, I wanted to be healthy. I still wanted to be a size 10 and had unrealistic weight loss goals but I really did want to be healthy. I’d moved to a country where it seemed everyone was running along the beach, doing yoga, and ocean swimming. And I wanted to have that lifestyle!

Sydney, Australia got me into a bit of a health kick. I started going to the gym every day at lunch time or after work. Not in the morning mind you, I loved my sleep too much back then! I signed up for the City To Surf and ran it three times. I did two triathlons and learned how to swim in the ocean! In fact, I went to swimming classes for 12 whole weeks. Something I would have never even considered doing before I moved down under.


How I gave up dieting for good
My 90 day results with Isagenix

But I was STILL a dieter…and you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

I was afraid of carbs even though I LOVED THEM. I’d ‘be good’ all week and then binge on the weekends. My relationship with food sucked and I drank too much. I had a love hate relationship with my body. There was so much I was able to accomplish with it but in my head I still had so far too go.

It was the end 2011 and I was looking for a new job. I was completely unfulfilled in the role I was in and it was really getting me down. I started looking and saw an job ad for a marketing role at a nutritional health company. Perfect! I was interested in nutrition. I applied. And I got the job!

Little did I know that this marketing job I had just accepted would completely change my life. The company was called Isagenix and they had these products that helped people lose weight. Awesome I thought, something else I can try! And I did. But this was different. I started losing weight, sure. In fact I lost 9 kilos in a few months. I couldn’t believe it.

But something else happened. My relationship with food, my health and my body shape completely changed. I started to understand that if I really cared about my health I needed to give my body the best nutrition possible…and that included carbs and fats!


All of the years of starvation on crazy diets, cutting calories, counting calories, counting points…it had all been nonsense. And I had actually been damaging my health in the process!


Vic Transformation
My results 5 years on…

I’d finally found a solution that worked…and I was eating more than ever!

Not garbage food or ‘low fat’ tasteless crap, but real, whole foods combined with the most amazing supplements on the planet.

I was convinced. And four years later I’m still 9 kilos down and more passionate than ever about sharing my journey with people in the hope that it might free them from dieting hell…because I’ve been there and it sucks!

I’ll be sharing more of my experience with Isagenix and how I’ve rewired my thinking on nutrition here on this site in the coming months. I wanted to create a safe space to share ideas on all areas of health. Physical, mental, spiritual, financial. It is all essential for a fit, healthy and happy life. Hence the name of the site! 😉

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a health professional and I don’t pretend to be. I am a normal person who had tried multiple things when it come to health and fitness. With this in mind, I’ll also be asking some amazing people who ARE health professionals to come on here and share some of their advice with you lovely peeps too! Winning!

I hope that you find a shit tonne of value on this site. Please join us over on Facebook and Instagram too if you like to hang out on there as much as we do!

Here’s to being the fittest, healthiest and happiest you in 2017.


Got a hellish dieting experience you’d like to share? Comment below! Sharing is caring.

Victoria McEwan
Victoria spent years doing diets that didn't work. When she discovered a solution, she knew she had to share it with the world. Now 5 years on, she's passionate about health and fitness but realistic about her goals and what is achievable.

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