Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner

Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner

Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner

Introducing our FREE Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner…designed to take the overwhelm out of creating healthy habits!


You know the drill. January 1st rolls around and you have all the best intentions. Suddenly you have a list of resolutions as long as your arm and you’re in complete and utter OVERWHELM!


We know that feeling well, so to help you combat that feeling of anxiety around your goals, we’ve come up with a simple, easy to use Monthly Planner designed to take the overwhelm out of mastering new, healthy habits in 2017.


Yes, we know it’s the January 11th already BUT, there’s still plenty of time to set your monthly focus and steer yourself in the right direction. We believe that any time of year is a good time to set your goals. Too often people think that if you haven’t mapped out your whole year by January 1st that it’s too late…NOT TRUE!


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How to use the Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner


Simplicity is king when setting yourself achievable targets. The key words there is ACHIEVABLE. Don’t set your goals so high that you set yourself up for failure. Break them down into bite-sized chunks that we’ve laid out for you in the planner.



Each month, decide on areas to focus on for that month. Perhaps this month you want to focus on your fitness. Or maybe you want to make January about making meditation part of your daily routine. Morning rituals could be something great to focus on at the beginning of a new year so you can solidify a morning routine that feels really good for you.


Monthly Focus can roll over into the following month if it is something that is going to take a while to stick to, for example if you’re embarking on a weight loss journey or want to give up smoking or alcohol.



Trying something new is an awesome way to get out of your comfort zone. Learning and personal growth is a life long practice. Variety is the spice of life so think about things you’ve always wanted to do but have never gotten around to and start there.


Some ideas could be learning to salsa dance, or rock climb. You could start running if you’ve never been a runner. Take cooking classes. Try ocean swimming. Take a photography course. Join a new Meetup group. Dangle from the ceiling at aerial yoga.


There really are no limits here so make this exercise FUN! You can even rope in your best friend or partner to try some of these things with you.



Each month, set some new goals to work towards. No matter how small the goal, the feeling of crossing it off the list when you’ve completed it is the same. It feels totally AWESOME!


A personal goal for me this month is to train 4-5 times per week. I’ve also committed to writing one blog post per week. Other goals I am setting are things like blocking time in my calendar to read and relax. Time off sometimes has to be a goal as so many of us are go, go, go all the time!


You could also attach rewards to your goals to keep you motivated. One of ours is a week in the sun by an infinity pool when we have achieved some of our business goals. We also have goals to give back to causes we are passionate about this year and spend some time volunteering.


No matter what your goals are, big or small, write them down and stick them somewhere you’ll see them regularly each day. If they aren’t written down, they are very unlikely to happen!


Lastly, we’ve included an area for notes where you can jot down any extra ideas, thoughts, feelings or even just a smiley face to remind you to smile each day!


You can grab your Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner right now and start working towards some epic new habits and those exciting goals that you are just itching to achieve in 2017.


Here’s to a Fit, Healthy, Happy you! Share your goals with us below and let us know what you think of our Fit Healthy Happy 2017 Monthly Planner…now let’s go CRUSH some goals together!


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Victoria McEwan
Victoria spent years doing diets that didn't work. When she discovered a solution, she knew she had to share it with the world. Now 5 years on, she's passionate about health and fitness but realistic about her goals and what is achievable.

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