About Us!

Not too long ago we were feeling sluggish and our clothes were feeling snug. We wanted to improve our health but had no idea where to start. Our weight loss journey began the moment we made the decision 

So, we made a few changes...and it paid off! 

We started Fit Healthy Happy to share everything worked for us and what could potentially work for you too.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT health professionals. 

We're just two 30 somethings who made some lifestyle changes that helped us achieve the weight loss results we wanted. We developed this website to share our weight loss journey, what we learned and what worked for us in the hope that it will help you too.

Us humans like to try things that their friends recommend right?! So we thought, let's share the love!

The good news is, we have a bunch of amazing friends who ARE health professionals, personal trainers, yoga teachers, naturopaths and nutritionists who know their stuff. They'll be backing us up so you'll get some real talk from the professionals too!

Some stuff you should know before we get into it...

You won't find any photoshopped abs or picture perfect perky butts here. Real people come in all shapes and sizes. 

It's also important to know that we don't believe in drastic measures when it comes to weight loss.

Balance for us is enjoying the occasional slice pizza and scoop of gelato. We discovered that a little of what you like can actually have a positive impact on your health! Yep, we might sound like crazy people talking here but we promise, it's true.

Fit, Healthy, Happy is all about doing what works for YOU.

If you've been looking for simple, convenient and realistic health choices that are easy to put into action and more importantly, are maintainable, then you've come to the right place! We've done some crazy sh*t to try and lose weight in the past and while some of them worked in the short term, the results didn't last.

The Isagenix solutions that you'll discover more about on this site have worked for us for the past 13 years. If you are looking for a permanent lifestyle change, look no further.

Lastly, we want to say a BIG thank you for being here. Have a look around, test things out and let us know what you love and even what you don't like so much. We're all about constructive feedback so hit us up on social media or email us at hello@fithealthyhappy.com.au and we can have a chat!

Here's to a fit, healthy, happy life!

Vic + Elaina

Vic Transformation

Meet Victoria

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...and Elaina!


Ready to get started on your weight loss journey? There's no time like right now!

Vic's Story

I’d been a yo-yo dieter from the age of about 14. I remember going to my first Weight Watchers meeting and being on a mission to lose 4 kilos (8 pounds). I was convinced if I could do that, I’d be happy! But the happy never came and I spent years being unhappy with my body.

I tried everything to lose weight. Slim Fast, The South Beach Diet, Atkins, The Lemon Detox, Slimming World, Weight Watchers…even the dreaded cabbage soup diet! You name it, I did it, but nothing worked long term.

So what changed?

8 years ago, I moved to Sydney. I was blown away by how health conscious everyone was in Australia. I started to take an interest in exercise. At the time I was working a corporate job. I would exercise every day in my lunch break but my nutrition was still way out of whack. I was burning the candle both ends and before I knew it I was run down and burnt out.

Then I discovered the concept of nutritional cleansing with Isagenix. I was offered a job at their Head Office in Sydney and was so excited to work for a company that was at the forefront of great nutrition. My weight loss journey with Isagenix was about to begin. I started on the products immediately and was amazed by the results! 

FINALLY I was able to budge those sticky kilos I’d been trying to lose for years. I even lost a few more than I was expecting! In total I said goodby to 9 kilos (20 pounds)!

My weight loss results were so different with Isagenix compared to other things I'd done. I had so much energy! I felt happier and my moods more balanced. My body shape even started to change. After experiencing what these products could do, I knew I would never go a day without putting them in my body! 

I'm still maintaining my weight loss results 5 years later. I love sharing these products with people because I KNOW what they did for me...and I know what they can do for you too!

Elaina B Isagenix Journey

Elaina's Story

Before Isagenix, I thought I was healthy. I’d was an active kid and I’d never done any weight loss diet in my life! In fact, I thought weight loss and diets were everything that's wrong with this world. I wanted no part of it.

What I didn't I know was that my breakfast of toast with vegemite plus and coffee wasn’t hitting the mark from a nutrition point of view! I was struggling with my digestion too. I thought that was normal to have a sensitive stomach.

A new normal!

A good friend of mine introduced me to Isagenix and nutritional cleansing. I was head hunted to work for the company but when I saw that it was a ‘weight loss shake thing’ I didn’t want any part of it. But my mate encouraged me to do my research and what I found blew me away!

These products were so much more than a ‘weight loss shake thing’. I was finally open to giving them a go.

8 years on I still have a shake (or two!) every single day. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. My digestion challenges are long gone and I know that these products are the best possible fuel I can put in my body.

I’m so excited about what these products have done for my health and I'm so passionate about what they can do for others!

Your Journey with Isagenix...

  • Can you relate to how we were feeling before Isagenix?
  • Do you struggle with sleep and have to hit the snooze button multiple times?
  • Do you feel bloated or worry about how you might feel after eating food?
  • Have you tried lots of diets but nothing has ever worked long term?

Wherever you are right now, with Isagenix products and our support, you can live in a fit, healthy and happy body for your whole life!

We’re so excited to help you get started!


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